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This Wiki is dedicated to Final Fantasy IV: Shadow of the Crystals The game uses the Zodiac System, an easy to use and adaptable system for both GM and Players. It is offered for free by those who developed it and can be found at their website Zodiac RPG. This Wiki is developed to help organize and provide the sheer volume of information in the game to a casual passerby. The players within the game tend to ebb and tide with life, but in general, their is always a full crew.

Twenty years and one, from the day of this penning, a great evil threatened the world. When there were two moons, and one bled red. It came from above, beyond the reach of any mere mortal. Masking as one of us of this world, it sought to turn the Crystals of power against us and in the end enslave us all. Only by the foresight of this great evil's brother was a Prophecy formed. This Prophecy was triggered and a small group of unlikely heroes banded together. These heroes suffered betrayals, deaths of loved ones, imprisonments, blackmails, and worse. Yet, they also encountered magics, victories, loves, and creatures that are beyond the mere telling of written word.

But, though the world survived. Though all seems well. In my dreams I see a great shadow. It reaches for me, whispering, prodding, threatening, promising. I no nought if I can resist it much longer. It speaks of the Lesser Eight. The Unknown. The Shadows of the Crystals. And with them, I can right the rest of the wrongs of this world. If I can just possess them... I can make it all right again...

--Torven Banner, Temporal Mage of Mysidia

His last journal entry before his strange disappearance


July 20th, 2009
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